Turbo-charged Commander 114TC
for sale


This is a roomy, 170 kt cross country airplane.

Leather seats Air-conditioned O2 Turbo Charged

 Above picture shot 6/15/2012

This loaded airplane is based in Henderson, NV (near Las Vegas) and was built in 1996.  Leather seats, built in Oxygen, Turbo Charged.
5 hours SMOH (MAR 2013), (880 TT on airframe), one owner.  Non smoker.

Commander 295TC Equipment List

KMA 24 audio select panel
Stereo Intercom
KR 87 Auto Direction Finder
KX 155 Nav/Com
KX 165 Nav/Com w GS
KL 208 Nav Indicator
KL 227-01 ADF w/sync
Fuel Flow Totalizer (Hoskins)
Clock, Altimiter, VSI indicator
Strike Finder
KT 70 Transponder
AT 3000 Blind Encoder
Ryan TCAD 8800 Gold (collision avoidance)
Wing Mounted Landing Lights
S-Tec S55 Autopilot (three axis)
S-Tec Yaw Damper
KCS 55A Slaved HSI w/Sync
Nav Transponder (GPS)
Modular Airconditiong System
Built In 4 person Oxygen System
130 Amp addtional alternator number 2
Current 406 EPIRB

Below are thumbnails. 
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Pictures taken June 15th, 2012


This above picture was shot through the windshield.  People always ask about the glass.  I would say, like new.
On a sunny day, check out how new the windshield looks.  No scratches in the least. Always hangered or covered.

Above picture, shows again, the quality and condition of the plexi glass.
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Engine Lyc TIO-540-AG1A
270 HP @ 2,575 RPM

5 hours SMOH, TT 880 hours
Prop McCauley Three-Blade, Constant Speed, 77 in dia
Seats 4
Length 25 ft, Height 8.1 ft,  Wingspan 32.8 ft,  Wing Area 152 sq. in.
Max Takeoff Weight 3,305 lbs
Max useful load, with air conditioner 950 lbs
Max Landing Weight 3,140 lbs
Wing loading 21.8 lbs/sq.ft.
Max Fuel 88 gal
Best rate of Climb 100 kts
Max Rate of Climb 1,050 ft/min
Ceiling, certified 25,000 ft.
Max Cruise Speed, 12,500 ft  170 kts
Max Cruise Speed, 25,000 ft  183 kts
Endurance @ 75% power  5.3 hours
Stall speed clean  66 kts
Stalling speed flaps down  59 kts
Maneuvering  (turbulent air) speed 117 kts

All AD's complied with.  Current annual completed (MAR 2013)
Flown with care.  Owner was military pilot, flight instructor.

John Hefty

10957 Inverlochy Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89141


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